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Would Definitely Hire Her

I recently reached out to Liana for my ongoing family law case. I am handling it myself because I cannot afford to hire an attorney. I was honest with her about contacting her to get legal advise only, without future intentions to hire her. I was overwhelmed with the response I received from her based on both the knowledge of the law and willingness to spend time to help me to understand the process. She even agreed to review the papers I emailed her and explained to me what was in there. I would definitely hire her if I can't continue to represent myself.

- David A

A Wonderful Job

Liana did a wonderful job with my managers case. She is super knowledgeable and went above and beyond of what is agreed upon. She is super personable and has a great mannerism. I would recommend her to everyone! She is so wonderful. If you have any legal issues please seek her out!!!

- Kevin Wang

Highly Recommend

Liana has been my attorney for quite few years now. She handled my divorce in a very professional way but she also provide her empathy during the process. I always felt she put my situation and my needs in front of her cost and expenses. Liana has always been fair with me and I highly recommend her office.

- Alberto

Very Happy

Liana is the best family law attorney ever. She helped me in a family law case and a personal injury case. I was very happy with my choice due to the results I achieved. Most important thing is that she is very transparent with her clients and that puts my mind at ease. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

- Liana Sahakyan

Handled My Cases Flawlessly

Liana represented me on two separate occasions snd I could not be more happier not only with the outcome of my cases, but mainly with the way Liana handled my matters. She handled my cases flawlessly and professionally from start to finish. Do not hesitate to contact her for your legal needs.

-Gayane Movsisyan

Alleviated My Stress

Ms. Stepanyan handled my divorce which was finalized last month and I could not be happier the way she handled my case. Needless to say that going through a divorce is extremely hard, emotionally and financially. Having Ms. Stepanyan as my attorney alleviated a lot of my stress, as she timely and competently responded to all of my concerns. She did not needlessly drag the process and ensured that I came out with the most favorable orders possible for me and our children. I am very grateful to have hired Ms. Stepanyan as my attorney.

- Ani V

Very Grateful

Liana not only helped our family once, she helped us twice. We had a unique case and she was the only attorney willing to take it. After several rejections from other lawyers, we are very grateful we found her. She’s the right person for you!

- Sendy Valiente

Very Pleased

I met Liana , initially , as a client looking for a lawyer after a severe car accident and I have been provided extensive and exceptional representation from her for years. I am very pleased that I was fortunate enough to find her and let her represent me through many difficult situations. She is a great accident/personal injury lawyer. She is astute and kind. She is always willing to listen and lets you dictate the course of actions. She is prompt and always updates you on any new information. If you have been in a car accident and have sustained injuries go see her for all your possible options to defend your interests.

- Armen

Great Attorney

Great attorney. Very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

- Brian Schwartz

Amazing and Graceful

It was a pleasure to meet Liana Stepanyan in her office. She is amazing and graceful professional. Definitely recommend her office as a place to get a help from!!!

- Shifu

Thank You

Thank you, Liana so much!!!

- Prosvetlenniy